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To access this area, it is necessary to register. All students, teachers and technical-administrative staff of the University of Rome "La Sapienza" can register.

For the registration and the consequent possibility to use the services offered on DigiLab’s website, users must accept the following general conditions and provide their consent to the processing of their personal data after reading the information provided, pursuant to EU Regulation No 2016/679.

I have read and I accept the terms of use and the privacy policy

Accreditation procedure for students and PhD students

In addition to filling in the application form, students are required to send an attachment via e-mail to: of the receipt of the latest paid fees related to the current academic year. Once the payment of the fees has been verified, accreditation will be granted. The accreditation is valid until 31/12/2021, and will be renewed from year to year certifying the payment of tuition fees.
The username to be used for authentication is your personal academic identification number.

Accreditation procedure for teachers, researchers and technicians

It is necessary to fill in the registration form; the accreditation will be granted once the authenticity of the data provided has been verified.

The username to be used for authentication is the email you entered during registration.


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