DigiLab’s research activities and services include activities in different sectors of technologies for culture. These activities provide for some Observatories, also in collaboration with other bodies and research institutes.

Vivo la cultura Observatory (coordinated by Prof. Giovanni Ragone and Prof. Alberto Marinelli)
In collaboration with SWG, managed by an executive committee and a scientific committee, it surveys – taking into consideration a very large representative national sample – the Italians’ attitudes and opinions on culture, on its symbolic meaning and on expectations and propensities, both in general and in specific areas of cultural activities.

Observatory on the quality of cultural heritage management (coordinated by Prof. Giovanni Ragone)
Open to collaboration with businesses and public bodies, initially established through PRIN funding, of which DigiLab requested the implementation to Mibact, this Observatory aims to detect the quality of online communication, exhibition modalities, services and the digital preservation of museums, exhibition sites, archaeological areas on the basis of three different levels (self-evaluation, external evaluation by the research team, the users’ evaluation). Within this scope of action, the survey system was created, various reports have been published, and the website and self-assessment system have been developed.

Observatory on interactive and participative television (coordinated by Prof. Alberto Marinelli)
Within the scope of the agreement between Corecom and DigiLab for the joint participation in research programs in the field of media and communication, the Observatory "Social TV" was established, in order to study and investigate the phenomenon of social TV and its impact on the audiovisual market.
The partners in this Observatory are the main Italian television publishers (Rai, Mediaset, Sky, Fox, La7, Mtv, Discovery Channel), members of the board for the coordination of the activities, together with Corecom Lazio.
This is a multidimensional research project, organized according to different objectives and based on different methods of investigation, in a blended perspective, ranging from a quantitative approach, a qualitative approach and online research.

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