OpenLab Cultura - Laboratories

The OpenLab Cultura is a space for design, research, experimentation and communication within the scope of DigiLab’s activities.
The primary aim of OpenLab Cultura is to enhance the multidisciplinary approach and the variety of skills of the Research Center and its network.

OpenLab Cultura integrates knowledge, instruments and methods that refer to both the humanities and the technical-scientific disciplines, enabling DigiLab’s researchers to work with stakeholders (professionals, companies, government agencies, cultural institutions), thus activating a fertile exchange of skills, experiences, sensibilities.

DigiLab also involves students with a particular vocation and expertise in the creation of digital archives, audio-video and other digital productions and who are selected in agreement with the Departments and the Presidents of the degree programs.
OpenLab Cultura, which is part of the network of Europeana’s laboratories, is currently divided into three different organizational units that, within the scope of a laboratory having the same name and on the basis of funding from the Center’s projects, develop specific lines of research:

Archeo&Arte 3D Lab (
Gamification Lab (
User eXperience Lab (

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