The Open Lab Cultura

The Open Lab Cultura is a space for research, design, experimentation and dissemination in DigiLab. It is part of DigiLab, Interdepartmental Center in Sapienza Università di Roma that puts together departments and researchers.
The mission of the Open Lab Cultura is to exploit the multidisciplinary approach and the skill variety of DigiLab. In the laboratory, scientific knowledge, technologies and methods are integrated with art and humanities; DigiLab researchers work together with the Lab stakeholders (students, professionals, small, medium and large companies, government agencies, museums, cultural institutions) activating an effective interplay of skills, experiences, approaches.
The Open Lab is articulated in four different physical spaces located in the DigiLab building. It is organized in three different organizational units (“sections”) developing specific research lines: the Archeo&Arte3D Lab, the Gamification Lab, the User eXperience Lab.
Research and educational activities are supported by fund raising e project management activities to guarantee sustainability, quality and controllability of results.

Laboratorio Archeo&Arte 3D Lab
UsereXperience Lab

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